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Welcome to the 3rd (is it the third? oh hell, I’m not even sure) edition of the Mortgage and Real Estate Monday Link Up. We’re running a bit late today posting this as I usually get this up either late Sunday or early Monday, but I’ve been pretty busy this weekend, so I put some things on hold. Anyway, thanks to all the people who submitted their articles for inclusion; unfortunately I had to remove a few because they were too spammy. Listen, if you submitted an article and it didn’t show up here, review your site and make it look less spammy; I’m not even all that stringent in my enforcement of this, but when I go to a blog and I have to scroll down past a bunch of ads before I even see the article itself, you’re getting removed and you won’t be able to submit any more articles here. To those who provided valuable content, thank you very much, your articles were all very interesting and I hope my readers enjoy them as much as I did. Happy Monday!

Update: Unfortunately, due to the shady activities of certain website owners, I had to remove quite a few articles submitted here. I’ll be writing a TOS for future articles. I don’t like to take a hard-line stance on what I approve and what I don’t, I want everyone to have their chance to share what they’ve written, but now, due to the unfortunate attempts at wasting my time of a certain few, now-blacklisted, individuals, if you submit an article here and it even smells for a second like it’s a spam blog, or scraped content,  or the blog is “made for adsense,” you will be blacklisted and your article removed.

Money and Finances

Tracy Coenen presents Flip This House lawsuit update posted at FRAUDfiles.

Mortgage Market

Brandon L. presents Did you know this about FHA Loans? posted at FHA Mortgage Center Blog, saying, “FHA loans are a great deal. Learn about why they can save you a ton of money and make buying a home much easier.”


Gavin R. Putland presents Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan: How property taxes affect economic growth posted at Gavonomics.

Larry Russell presents Diversify To Avoid Investment Fraud posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog, saying, “Stories about investment fraud often seem to include the phrase “his or her life savings.” There should never be a moment during your lifetime when your life savings are not heavily diversified across many investment vehicles and firms.”

Personal Stories

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents Can Renting Play A Part In The American Dream? posted at Millionaire Mommy Next Door, saying, “I calculated that our net worth could increase significantly if we sold our home, rented an apartment and invested the equity that was, at the time, tied up in the sticks and bricks over our heads. My husband and I fancy our debt-free life. Here are some of the other benefits our lifestyle as renters offers our family.”

Real Estate Market

Karyn presents Consider Buying Your Own Vacation Home posted at All About Orlando, saying, “Florida remains one of the best places to invest in real estate. The year round vacation season and minimal investment required make it the perfect place to purchase a vacation home.”

The Baglady presents San Mateo Home Sellers in Trouble #4 — 10/8/2007 to 10/21/2007 posted at xynny.

Tips & Tricks

Joshua Dorkin presents A Primer on Escrowed Funds posted at Real Estate Investing For Real.

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