Saving Money at the Ballpark

I love a good ball game. Here in town, we have a local baseball team. It’s not a professional team but the games are always sold out. Even season tickets aren’t available. There’s a waiting list that reportedly stretches years in to the future, so I’m told.

Still, I can normally get my hands on a pair of tickets a couple of times per year but there’s one thing I’ve noticed about baseball games and really, all sporting events I have attended: They cost a lot of money. Not only are the tickets expensive, but everything else is too.

Maybe you’re not looking to be rich but I bet you’re looking to either become or remain financially secure. In order to do that, you have to learn to be a cheapskate. I’m not saying that you should lie, cheat, or steal. Far from it, but what I do want you to do is not overspend. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to save money at the ballpark this year.

Take your own food

Go to the grocery store and get a bag of peanuts and throw them in your purse or pocket. If you know that they don’t check bags at the park, have your wife take a big purse and throw some soft drinks and water in there. Maybe a few packs of candy. Snack on what you brought and if you want to get that ballpark feeling, pick up something at the concessions. You can still feel good that you saved a lot of money. The 50 cent can of coke sure does beat the $3 coke, half of which is ice.

Eat before you arrive

Go out for a nice dinner before the game. Just like at a grocery store, an empty stomach will mean big dollars spent at the concession stand. That little pizza at the park isn’t much less expensive than the giant pizza that you can get elsewhere.

Don’t buy tickets online

Sometimes you can but places like Ticketmaster will charge you the full ticket price plus a convenience fee and a delivery charge. Things seem much less convenient when you’re shelling out $10 in fees on a $30 ticket. Many people work at their jobs for $10 per hour so why are those same people upset about standing in a line at the stadium to buy a ticket? Save the $10 and stand in line for 15 minutes. (Use that money for the $5 pretzel that gives you that ballpark experience)

No official hats and shirts

$20 for a hat? No reason to buy at the stadium when you could wait until the end of the season when things are half off or more. You may not look like a die-hard fan for this year but if you buy your hats and shirts at the end of this season, you’ll have everything you need for next year.

Don’t like being a penny pincher at the game? Take a little bit of time and add up how much money you’ll save by using these for ideas. It won’t take long before you see the dollars add up fast. Being a penny pincher won’t look nearly as bad once the calculations are done.

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