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Irvine, California – At Truthful Lending dot Com we believe that the more educated you are about the mortgage and refinance process, the more likely you are to make the best decision. That’s why we have a library of mortgage and refinance articles for you to read so that there are no surprises during the moneylender loan process and so that you can protect yourself against unscrupulous mortgage and refinance practices.

When shopping for a mortgage, or searching for the best rates to refinance, it is important to be informed and to shop wisely. We have several articles dedicated to helping you understand the complex mortgage and refinance process, broken down so they paint a clear picture of what you can do to find the best deal.

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At Truthful Lending dot Com, we take our name very seriously; we promise you the most straightforward, honest Mortgage or Refinance transaction you’ve ever experienced. Not only that, but when you shop for your next mortgage or refinance transaction through Truthful Lending dot Com, you become an integral part of our family here. Have you ever completed a mortgage or refinance transaction only to find that as soon as you sign the papers you never hear from your loan officer again? You won’t find that here; we are dedicated to providing you continuing service for life. Our unique and loyal client list has been grown over years as a direct result of how much we care about you, our client.

You won’t hear us discourage you from shopping around, reading reviews of licensed money lender and comparing our programs to other companies, in fact, we encourage it, even though, in the end, we know you’ll find us to be the best Mortgage & Refinance specialists around. We operate knowing that you don’t have to pay and arm and a leg when you get a new mortgage or refinance an existing one; it just takes knowing the right people, and we aim to be that resource for you.

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